The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 19

The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 19

If you were asked to describe the concept of “freedom” … how it feels … what it looks like … how would you do so? What would you say? What words, if any, would you use? 

Perhaps an image or expression through movement such as dance would best illustrate it? Or maybe an instrumental composition would suffice in helping others feel it as well?

In my meditation today I felt so free! It felt amazing and so glorious! It reminded me of how I felt when I went skydiving for the first time – an exhilarating cleanse! 

Letting everything go that no longer serves you without batting an eye! Allowing and giving gratitude for the perfect solutions to present themselves to you!

I felt myself slip into the space beyond the veil with much more ease. Narrowing my focus on the feeling of joy and appreciation while listening to meditation music. 

While I knew where I physically was in my cozy spot, I felt myself have an out of body experience in transcendental meditation. Feeling the true essence of who we are as well as what we can create on purpose! 

silhouette photo of woman against during golden hour

We’re such powerful beings who create all the time … imagine what we can create as we align ourselves with who we truly are at the core!

In my mind’s eye, I saw a clear image of my fur baby sitting down and waiting like the good girl she is!  

With so much love and gratitude, I came back to the present moment. It was right in the nick of time because Stella, seeing that meditation practice was completed, began to communicate to me that she needed to go out to do her business.

All in perfect timing and so synchronistic! 

I’m so grateful for this experience I had today going within and I’m grateful to share this with you!

I look forward to the adventures in and outside of meditation that await discovery tomorrow!

In gratitude and love, dear friends, I bid you happy trails!

Until next time … peace be with you.

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