The Journey Within- A Meditation Practice Day 11

The Journey Within- A Meditation Practice Day 11

What a spectacular day today has been! A day to be still.. a day to rest… a day to look within. As today is day 11 of this meditation practice it is quite fitting that today would illuminate to me important factors. Factors that are essential for me to continue moving forward in expansion within this beautiful dance of life! 

I woke up this morning with a smile as well as the instinct to begin the day with a grounding meditation. In this meditation, I focused on my energy flowing from my heart through my torso, my legs, and feet into Mother Earth – receiving her love and support.

I was in this beautiful space where either time ceased to exist or simply stretched while I basked in the present moment of connection.

Feeling centered and so good, I received the feeling that it was time to step forward into the day. I smiled and gave gratitude for the connection that I just experienced. I feel that grounding meditation after waking up really helps set the tone for the day. Where you can connect with yourself, your true being, and are more in the flow with co-creating in your day.

Finishing breakfast, I noticed Stella was seeming a little off from her usual playful self. In fact she did have a little mini accident on her cot. I felt that it’d be wise to take her outside in the back and let her do her business. It was outside where I had heard what sounded like a torch being lit.

At first I thought a neighbor of mine had been burning some wood on their property. And then I noticed that the sound kept getting closer…

I happened to look up and saw this amazingly beautiful hot air balloon floating right over my house!

 This definitely explained Stella’s fearful behavior – frantic and tail between her legs. She must have seen it from her angle looking out the window and thus…her accident. Bless her!

I motioned for Stella to come over to me (which she did after a moment) and I gently put my hands on her pressure points. One on her chest as well as the other on the top of her head to help calm her while it was floating above us. As far as I knew she had never seen a hot air balloon before. 

I received intuitive guidance to work with her on this with her favorite treats.

Treats in hand, I brought her back outside where we had a good view of the balloon. I instructed her to sit and gave her treats as she looked at it. Noticing her relax, with each bit of treat I gave her. 

As we walked in the neighborhood where the hot air balloon floated, I continued to give her treats the closer we came to closing the gap between. By that time she was totally at ease with her tail wagging.

 It was amazing seeing the difference and how far a little patience and reassurance can go!

close up photo of grasshopper

May that be a metaphor for us in all the areas of our lives! A little compassion, gentleness, and patience (dare I say..young grasshopper) with ourselves as well as others goes a long way!

In gratitude and so much love, dear friends, arrivederci.

Until next time, peace be with you. 

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