The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 7

The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 7

What a beautiful day to be outside in the country… to enjoy, as they say, “the great outdoors”! The air was crisp, full of soaring birds and the sun shining brightly with a few clouds breezing through the endless sky. A great contrast of balance on this beautiful October day!

This morning I felt inspired to explore the nearby trails. To immerse myself with nature and her natural rhythms. So I gathered my supplies and a-hiking I went with Stella! 

The path I explored was just a minute or so off one of the main roads in town. It was so lovely seeing the array of colors, sensing the aroma of fresh wild sagebrush, and feeling the sturdy (yet, slightly muddy) path beneath my shoes! 

After completing an incline on the path, I noticed a large boulder perfect for resting (or even meditating) upon – I certainly took the liberty to do so. 

Sitting on the boulder, I closed my eyes and took in the vibrant natural world around me. Listening to the songs of crickets nearby as well as the brush of the leaves in the trees dancing in the wind. The breeze felt cool, yet I felt as snug as a bug in a rug with my warm layers of clothing!

I closed my eyes and took a deep belly breath in as I listened to the entrancing sounds around me. Focusing on the rhythms of the dancing leaves, I felt my thinking mind step away and basked in my newfound stillness. Feeling safe and at peace in the energy of Mother Earth.

Being in this space I received a single spark of inspiration that ignited my path before me in the next steps to take. Clear as day, I heard my inner guidance telling me which direction to take next and felt the validation within my heart space!

In gratitude, I batted my eyelashes open and took in the world around me in a new light of clarity.

After taking a moment to re-hydrate, I gathered my backpack and moved forward with Stella into the day. Savoring each precious moment as the sun continued its journey across the sky.

I had previously heard of friends and family having these eye-opening experiences of such clarity in nature. I feel so grateful to have listened to my heart guiding me to the trail this morning and experience such a moment as well.  

With much gratitude, I thank you for coming along this journey with me! I’m so excited to see what adventures tomorrow brings!

Until next time, dear friends, peace be with you. 

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