The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 6

The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 6

What a lovely day it has been today! Light rain showers and snow flurries.. perfect weather for ducks and their water-loving friends! Walking Stella near the dog park today I couldn’t help but marvel at the majestic sight of the snow dusting the nearby mountaintops where you could see an array of fall colors at the base. 

A beautiful sight and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to truly see it!

In my meditation today, I experienced opposition and a strong resistance from my mind in fully letting go to simply be in and experience the meditation. I practiced the breath work that had worked for me in the past and continued to feel the resistance. 

Part of me felt confused and wondered what I was doing wrong. The other part of me chose to practice compassion and be patient with myself during this process. 

The moment that I stepped into the space of compassion was when I felt my mind begin to let go. I sensed in my mind’s eye, a butterfly in the cocoon. It was using all of its might to get out of the cocoon and spread its wings in the sunshine. 

I realized that in that moment, I was the caterpillar! Furthermore, I was experiencing a needed process in order to move forward. I received an intuitive understanding that healing was needed for me to move forward with having a deeper experience with meditating. 

At that moment, I brought myself out of the meditation and was guided to look out the window. Outside the window, I watched dozens of doves flock to and land on a nearby powerline right in front of me!

This was so profound to me! It was the first time that I experienced watching these birds act in this manner. I just knew that the universe was communicating to me – sending reassurance to me right at the moment when I needed it. 

I was so overcome, I experienced tears of gratitude!

I of course looked up doves in my animal speak book. I discovered that doves were helping me to honor and have gratitude for what was as well as awaken to the promise of the future – which I was creating in the now moment.

Writing this now, I feel so grateful that I was able to work through and release the resistance that I had felt! Having this experience, I absolutely know in my heart that I can and will experience profound meditations! 

In gratitude and with so much love, I thank you all for being here with me.

Until next time… peace be with you.

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