The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 5

The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 5

Good day to you all! This morning I woke up to the melody of Enya’s “Book of Days”. I just love this song! The energy is so inspiring and ethereal within this song as well as several others of hers!

Waking up in this manner, I just knew today was special (I feel that everyday is special..but you know what I mean right?)! 

With that inner knowing, I practiced a brief grounding meditation and moved forward exploring the day.

Being outside today, I felt a deeper appreciation for the beauty of fall. Amidst the chilly morning,  the sun’s rays brightly shine within the clear blue skies. Walking Stella, I admired my happy maple tree with her leaves turning shades of yellows, reds and orange along with the other neighborhood trees. 

There’s something so magical about seeing the trees letting go of their leaves at this time of year!

photo of baby playing with dried leaves

Perhaps it’s the reminiscence of childhood days playing in the leaves with the dogs after helping rake those leaves into a nice pile!

Perhaps it’s something more..

I honestly feel it’s also a beautiful metaphor for us with practicing letting go of what no longer serves us as we continue forward!

In my meditation practice today, I experienced the opportunity of working with my mind and getting creative so that my mind would let go of being present. What I found interesting is to get into that space, I actually pictured something that brought me joy and gratitude. 

Something that really inspired that sense of love and it was from that feeling that I was able to literally feel myself let go and slip into this beautiful sense of serenity. Where I felt total love and compassion. 

You know that feeling where you’re receiving a beautiful hug? And in that moment of the hug everything feels so good? That is exactly the feeling… that sense of serenity that I experienced in this space! 

In my mind’s eye, I received a visual of this beautiful wild stallion who was rearing up in a joyful and empowering way. I could feel that this horse reared up in excitement of being alive, free, and powerfully content with being where he was at that exact moment.

As horses are one of my spirit animals, I deeply felt so connected to him – it felt amazing! 

I feel that he was mirroring to me my own innate energy and power. A reminder of what is already within you, as we sometimes forget or are persuaded to believe that the energy and inner power we have within us is absent. 

Reminding me that I did have that powerful energy within me as he had within him! I felt myself embracing the powerful energy with open arms – standing up tall, saying yes to, owning as well as honoring my energy!

It felt so good to celebrate it!

The next thing I knew, a sneeze from Stella brought me right out of that meditation (which honestly made me giggle for a bit). Can you believe it? You know…I feel that everything happens for a reason and I felt that it was that moment when I needed to come out of meditation. 

I’m so grateful for that experience and I of course took it with me throughout the rest of my day. And such a beautiful day it has been! Basking in the sunshine and seeing the beautiful transition from the clear skies into Mother Nature bringing us some clouds filled with lovely rain showers!  

From the bottom of my heart I thank you all so much for being here with me on this beautiful journey and I look forward to every new moment – especially the magic each new moment brings! 

Until next time… peace be with you.

Stay tuned for more from The Empowered Hearth…

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