The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 2

The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 2

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There’s something magical and tranquil about waking up to the sound of rain pitter-pattering on the rooftop. The symbolism of rain showers being that of cleanse and renewal.

A beautiful metaphor for us as we awaken from slumber to a fresh new day.

The rain inspired me to take it easy and bask in the gentleness of being still today versus being on the go – working on a variety of projects. I have experienced both modes and honor each as they are needed in our lives. I feel grateful for the opportunity to discover a balance within both.

Today for my meditation practice, I chose to utilize theta frequency music to help enhance my experience as well as allow my mind to let go with much more ease.

And it certainly worked!

To back up for a moment, everyone experiences each brainwave frequency as delta (slowest waves for sleep mode), theta (trance or learning mode as we begin to wake up), alpha (awake and in daily routine mode), beta (highly focused mode) and even gamma (fastest brain waves). 

Theta is a frequency that can help the brainwaves flow in a steady and slow fashion that allows for intuition to be recognized with ease. 

Pushing play on the theta music, I focused on my breath and allowed all thoughts to flow right out of my awareness. I felt my body relax with each breath I took. As I did so, I felt myself enter a space where most of the sounds I heard faded away. 

I tapped into and experienced what felt like a brief state of transcendence (i.e. transcendental meditation). It felt amazing! I felt weightless as a beautiful bright light energy showered over me and realigned my chakras as well as all the areas needing healing in my body! 

I felt so good, energized, and that all is well. 

Somewhere during meditating, I felt a slight pressure in my brow chakra. While feeling the pressure, I received intuitive guidance. My inner guidance suggested that it would be wise for me to ease off of a certain food ingredient in order to have a much clearer visual experience with meditation. It would also help me receive more clarity in all other areas of my life. 

Returning my awareness to the present environment and location, I began to gently move my fingers, toes, arms, and legs. Batting my eyelashes open, I brought that sense of peace within my space and mindfully moved forward into the day. 

I was also super surprised at the time that had passed during my meditation. What felt like a short amount of time was actually experienced within an hour! That honestly just blows my mind!

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As I write this, I’m enjoying my herbal tea while listening to the raindrops continue to dance in the air and slide down rooftops.

My appreciation for the acrobatic nature of this water element grows beautifully. 

As an individual who is sensitive to energies, I’m grateful for my ability to sense things by feeling the energy (similar to “spidey senses”, for example) . I’m also excited to move forward and be in the space for a more visual experience with meditating. 

From my heart to yours, thank you for being here with me. 

Until next time, peace be with you.

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