3 Ingredient Amazingly Delicious and Healthy Chocolate Milk Recipe!

3 Ingredient Amazingly Delicious and Healthy Chocolate Milk Recipe!

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For the past week I have been in celebration mode! Celebrating the gift of life, my birthday, and all the synchronicities as well as serendipitous moments that I’ve been so grateful to experience! 

First off, with the joys of owning an older home, there have been a number of things that were in need of adjusting. I was finally able to have the plumbing fixed in my master bathroom and I’m so grateful that everything went smoothly (and is up to code!)! 

After removing the carpet, carpet pad, and carpet grippers in a downstairs room (the one that slightly flooded a bit ago), I installed beautiful hardwood laminate flooring!

And with synchronicity at its finest, I’m in the process of having a lovely and secure wooden fence installed for my yard by the fencing company! 

Plus, celebrating my Earthy nature and beyond, I put down fresh roots by planting two beautiful arctic fire shrubs and a gorgeous maple tree in my front yard! Feeling the fall vibes for sure with their rather dashing array of magical color-changing leaves!

In addition to these home improvement endeavors, I honored my inner child by exploring the town I live in with my fur baby, enjoyed a nice (and overdue) massage as well as bought myself a new mountain bicycle (teaching Stella the basics on how to keep up when I’m riding my bike)! 

Plus one more inspiring idea that I felt was so silly that I just had to do it!

I made myself a nice yummy glass of sugar-free chocolate milk… Vegan-Keto version (I know how it sounds, but it’s so good you can hardly taste the difference!)! 

It was while I was on a walk with Stella that the idea came to me of indulging in chocolate milk.

As I’m living the Vegan-Keto lifestyle, I knew I could simply make a batch with a few minor adjustments.

Firstly, I felt it best to use my favorite Almond Breeze unsweetened original almond milk rather than my favorite So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk. I felt that the almond would add more richness to the flavor. And that it did.

That being said, there are times when I choose to use coconut milk for a light tropical essence to the recipe. Either way…yum!

Next, I elected to use 100% Cacao (pure unaltered chocolate). It’s rich, packed full of minerals (calcium, iron, potassium, & magnesium…plus a bit of protein), and I felt that I could add the perfect amount of sweetness with my swerve sweetener to balance it out. 

And that it certainly did! 

I do have a bit of a sweet-tooth, however I prefer to have balance with sweetness as to prevent the recipe from being overwhelming in either aspect.

So without further ado…the recipe to the most amazing Vegan-Keto Chocolate Milk is as follows:



  • Pour almond milk (or non-dairy milk of choice) into beverage container of choice with a lid (I chose my hydro flask water bottle)
  • Add Cacao Powder and Swerve sweetener (can use stevia as an alternate- after I tried it with Stevia, I found that I like the swerve better with this recipe)
  • With a completely closed lid on the beverage container of choice, “shake it, not stirred” – shaking it vigorously helps it mix together so much faster (you can even do a little dance and listen to music while shaking it… because why not!)
  • Pour mixture into your cup of choice and enjoy!

And just let me tell you, as I enjoyed this chocolate milk creation I was taken back to the sweetness of childhood! 

As some would say, “to a world of pure imagination”! 

Cue the song in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the Gene Wilder version – do love both film versions!)!

Ah, the simple things in life…inspiring creativity in all areas of our lives! It was while enjoying this amazing creation that I received the idea to get myself a mountain bike. And off to the store I went! 

I found a good deal on the perfect mountain bike for me and met a fellow mountain bike lover! 

I felt so grateful that I listened to my inner guidance! Not only did I take the opportunity to enjoy this delicious beverage, I also gained a new bike, and expanded my horizons through the sweetest gift of all – by connecting with a new friend!

A friend who also enjoys the same outdoor activity and can help me get to know the area better! 

All good things!

In the present moment, I just feel so grateful for the connections we share as well as the awareness that came to me today. As individuals we are all unique and we all have such important gifts to share with the world! 

In addition to honoring our differences, we all share one amazing aspect – we are human beings. 

I honestly feel this is a gift within itself! 

We are so capable of and have the power to create joy within ourselves, our communities, and the world! We are all branches that make the whole tree!

This to me is beautiful! 

Highlighting the oneness in all things! 

As human beings we have the power to extend compassion and kindness to others as well as ourselves. Which honestly seems so easy and is often an overlooked aspect due to its simplicity. And yet, we have the simple choice to do so!

This to me is so powerful! 

Through my inner wisdom, I understand that some of the best things in life stem from the simple moments that create a huge impact. Making all the difference in our world. 

As “we are the world”, we can choose to create a better place for us all (cue the amazing song by U.S.A. for Africa)!

In gratitude, so much love, and extending virtual hugs to you all, I bid you all a beautiful day!

Until next time dear friends, peace be with you.

Stay tuned for more from The Empowered Hearth…

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