Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 14

Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 14

Ah… that beautiful time of year where the colors on the leaves transform from cool and crisp green to warm gradients of yellow, orange, red, and purple. Batting my eyelashes open this morning, I felt it in the air even more! It’s getting closer…and closer

The magical season of autumn (or fall) is approaching! 

I’m so excited to discover the magic within this beautiful season as we immerse ourselves into celebration! 

Harvesting what has grown from both our physical and metaphorical seeds we’ve planted in past seasons. Going within our homes and hearts to enjoy our creations within the continuous cycles (…and circles) of life!

In honor of the evolution of cycles, I chose to come full circle in my yoga practice this morning with a nice quick yoga ditty that I practiced on day one of this challenge. 

My intention with this practice was to utilize this stronger communication that I have cultivated with my body and follow what it needed through movement – using my intuition as well as the video as my guide. And that I certainly did.

Beginning in table-top position, I moved with the ebb and flow with my breath to the beat of cat-cow. Inhaling lots of love, I dropped my belly and opened my chest – feeling a lovely stretch in my front body. 

With my exhale, rounding through with chin to chest – drawing my navel back towards my spine as I arched my back. 

With a few more cycles of breath, I tugged my shoulders away from my ears and pressed the tops of my feet into the Earth during my inhale to really invite the cow energy into my space. Then exhaling and taking a moment to really savor the motions of arching my spine and clawing my fingers into the Earth with the cat energy.  

Coming back to center in table-top, I rooted my hands and feet to the Earth and bumped my hips to the left – looking past my right shoulder in a yummy breath cycle. Bringing everything back to center and repeating on the opposite side. I felt my neck muscles relax as well as a beautiful side body stretch. Ohhh… yeah!

Finding stillness in center once again, I inhaled and gently dropped my elbows right where my hands were rooted on the Earth. Walking my knees back a step for puppy posture with my exhale – bringing my heart closer to the Earth. 

Inviting some love to my shoulders, heart, and everywhere else needed with every breath I took.

Feeling good, I slowly made my way back to table-top position and took a deep breath in. Letting everything out in my exhale, I sent my hips up high into downward dog. Waking up my legs by gently pedaling them out. 

Mindful of the sensation of each part of my foot becoming one with the Earth, I reached my heels just a bit closer with my breath.

Taking the liberty to play and explore with my downward dog, I channeled my inner belly-dancer – drawing circles with my torso one way and then the other. Inviting fresh oxygen and blood flow to my shoulders, side body, and hips. 

Indulging my inner child, I took baby steps to walk my legs up to my hands – landing in forward fold. Taking a moment to relax my shoulders, neck, head, and letting out everything else that didn’t serve me with my breath. Inviting lots of love in and sending lots of love out.

Connecting with gratitude, I channelled my inner lotus and gently rolled up – blossoming into mountain pose. Feeling and honoring every area of my spine, muscles, and tissues along the way.

Opening my chest, I gave some love to my shoulders by gently rolling them forwards and back with a couple of breath cycles. In stillness, I aligned my head over heart and heart over pelvis – reaching my hands towards the cosmos in a full body stretch. 

Creating balance though the opposition of lifting in my front-body and grounding in my back-body as I continued to reach towards the sun for a nice warm hug.

Feeling energized, I released and interlaced my fingertips behind my back. Anchoring my knuckles down towards the Earth, bringing my shoulder blades together, and opening my chest for a beautiful inverse stretch. 

After inviting three cycles of breath, I brought lots of love in with one more inhale, and released my arms with my exhale to land in a big hug. Lifting my heart once more, I let it all go as I exhaled into mountain pose. 

Affirming with all my heart…namaste.  

I feel so grateful for you all being here with me during this two week challenge of practicing yoga!

I feel that during these practices, I have rekindled my passion for the medicine of movement through yoga. Strengthening the connection between my mind, body, and spirit. 

I’ve learned just how important it is to take the time to listen to all the ways our inner wisdom speaks to us.

In doing so, we will feel even more empowered to move forward – growing and learning.

Trusting in the cycles of life. Opening our minds to see and experience the magical gifts each day brings with gratitude!

May you feel inspired to tune-in to your inner wisdom and empowerment through the medicine of movement by practicing yoga. Or perhaps through another healthy method that’s within your highest good and works well for you!  

I encourage you to take that first step and give it a try!

Moving forward, I am excited to continue exploring simple and healthy ways to find inspiration and empowerment! 

With all my heart, dear friends, I thank you. Peace be with you.

Stay tuned for more from The Empowered Hearth…

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