Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 2

Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 2

Ah…early mornings in the country. Imagine feeling the brisk cool air as it dances through the open window and tickles your nose! A gentle wake-up call filled with exciting and refreshing promises for a new start!

sunlight with white clouds

I was awakened by a cool breeze gently greeting me this morning. Gazing outside, I became entranced by the misty silver clouds dancing in the morning sky and blanketing the mountaintops. A glimmer of the sun’s rays trickled briefly through the tumbling clouds. 

While a teeny-tiny part of me wanted to get back under the covers, I knew that it was no accident that I woke up at this moment. It was a gift for me to see this magic in nature. And as for the chilliness in the air, I could cultivate some heat with my morning yoga routine. 

Plus I could enjoy my nice warm herbal tea that tastes like coffee once I’m finished! It’s true – herbal tea made from dandelion root and chicory! So yummy! 

So up I stayed. I sipped my glass of filtered water with a sprinkle of Himalayan salt and gave Stella her Yak Chew – giving her a little something to munch on before breakfast. I rolled out my yoga mat, selected a nice quick and gentle practice for this morning, and hit play.

Stepping on the mat with great purpose. Waking up the body and practicing this dance of connecting with my mind and body. I immediately felt a nice stretch in both of my sides as well as  my shoulders. 

Maintaining a balanced opposition by lifting my front body to the sun in the sky and grounding through the back body. Making sure to send them lots of love with the natural ebb and flow of my breath. 

Following the guidance on the video to give myself a little hug, I smiled and felt this sense of gratitude as well as playfulness come forth – my inner child came out to play! This feeling validated that taking the time to check-in with your body and yourself is so important – an act of self-love in fact!

Giving myself lots of wiggle room in forward-fold (Uttanasana) by bending my knees generously, my knees thanked me. Emptying my breath, I let any residual stress that I had been feeling from the previous days this week completely go. And it felt nice

Waking up my right hip and my left knee as I gently moved into Warrior Two (Virabhadrasana II), I sent a little love their way. Maintaining mindfulness with aligning my head over my heart and heart over pelvis, I created balance. Drawing grounding energy from the Earth and bringing it up to my core in the solar plexus, I claimed my inner-power and strength – radiating it through my fingertips.

I noticed that I felt more balanced with my left side than on my right in Warrior Two and Triangle Pose (Trikonasana). While my right side felt a bit shaky, rather than trying to force myself into and hold the correct position, I had patience with and compassion for myself. Sending love and gratitude where it was needed with every breath I took. 

To me, this is huge and a great way to communicate understanding with yourself. Quite possibly a metaphor in one of many life lessons. 

After gently pedaling out my legs in downward-facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana), I compromised with my body and found stillness. Breathing in and releasing even more residual stagnant energy or stress with my exhale. And not just a small exhale, but I’m talking a big juicy cleansing breath where I let everything go that no longer serves me. 

By golly, did it feel good! I immediately a wave of peacefulness wash over me in the stillness.

Creatively making my way out of downward dog to a forward-fold roll-up, I imagined and gave gratitude to every muscle that I felt on my way up to reaching for the sky and on my way back down to the anjali mudra at the heart.

After I finished my practice (feeling ready to prepare breakfast), I happened to glance over at Stella and sure enough she was giving me such a sassy look. I could only interpret this as, are you done yet

I busted up laughing so hard that my eyes got a bit teary! She’s hilarious and so expressive- bless her! I love her personality dearly! Here I did my best to give her a little something to do while I practiced yoga and she still brought the sass! Haha!

I have heard of dogs practicing yoga with their pet parents, however the most I’ve seen my lab-heeler mix do is downward dog followed by upward-facing dog for her stretch when she gets up in the morning. 

My little miss mostly wistfully gazes out the window wanting to go on a walk (which I do take her on after breakfast) and supports me while I carve out some time for myself. I’m grateful for her patience with me as I also extend patience with her.

person pouring liquid into brown ceramic cup

As I write this (sipping my Teeccino tea) I feel so energized – ready for the possibilities and gifts today brings!

I’m so grateful that I was able to witness the natural shifts with the morning sky before my yoga practice!

The little sunlight pouring through the cloud reminded me of a piece of inner-wisdom I once received. 

No matter what you’re experiencing, keep going and keep doing your best. Behind the darkest cloud… is the sun. Everything will be okay.

Thank you so much for being here with me. Until next time, dear friends, peace be with you.

Stay tuned for more from The Empowered Hearth…

P.S. I would love to hear about your favorite morning beverage(s) during cooler weather! Do you also enjoy tea, prefer coffee? Or something else? Feel free to share in the comment section!

If you are curious about yoga and are on the fence about giving it a try, I encourage you to try out this Yoga with Adriene video at your convenience. And you’re welcome to let me know how it goes for you in the comment section below!

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